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Feeling  desensitized,  running on auto-pilot mode. Wedged between walls of white noise. On hiatus  from thought-provoking woes. Unmoving state, room of solitude. Straight jacket tied, can’t set me free. PANIC! Surrounding proximity shrinks. Encircling anxiety pressing me down, tighter and tighter, must breath, must breath. Hindered senses,  total Blackness. Advertisements Continue reading

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Originally posted on MesmericTrash:
This seems to come up a lot these days in the media. Whenever I hear about these incidents, I find it difficult to react accordingly. I just can’t understand how such a common childhood trial is becoming a national headline. Teen commits suicide over bullying. Let’s be clear, I do empathize…

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Unique will be the man that captures my undivided attention within my cloud 9 daydreaming never ending thinking mind. Unique he will be, The One, the chosen. He will listen, feel and see and always understand even when words are left in the air. Unique once more he will be when he watches me crashing and … Continue reading

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I Need a Spark

  I need a Spark. A sudden upheaval of my 5 Senses.I feel the burning desire for so much more. Its somehow trapped between my insides and my skin. Pores clogged by negativity that I let invade my inspiration cavity. Slowly pulverizing my purest thoughts. Leaving me without believing. I must create a fist. A … Continue reading