Poker Lies

You hide it very well. Your love for me so translucent I can barely see its silhouette. You say you feel, yet your games tell otherwise.
Your sincerity looks very real if I may say so. But when you are caught, a different face is shown. Your face fixed and cold as marble, your voice serene like the deserts sand, your stare..huh your eyes…Poker face at its utmost acting. You see I know you. I know your lies. I pretend to believe because I want to believe. So I cheat myself. I cheat myself and let you win, you get the upper hand and I keep your lies and recycle them into truths. Oh how pathetic can love be. No, not love, only the person accepting the lies disguised as truths. You come out as the winner, and I…… I am……sadness disguised as happiness. How long will this last. Games never last forever,only as long as the loser keeps playing.

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