The Break-Up

The silence was enough to put the words out in the open. That deafening silence. I want who I can not attain and can attain the one that I do not want. Life is sometimes funny that way.  

 But why cry? It Won’t change anything. So I SAY -laugh.  

 Laugh it off really good. Laugh now cry later -or Not- its ur prerogative.  

 My prerogative? 

  Swallow it in, digest it, puree it into tiny strengthening lessons and recycle it into energy,serenity and growth.  

 What else is there ? you tell me  – Should I throw a tantrum? Should I make a scene where we are the actors-you the villain I the victim ?    

 It WON’T change anything!  

 So again- say it with me.. Swallow it in, tiny lessons, energy, serenity, Growth!  

 10 times fast Vee! Say it 1O times fast!… Your melon shall eventually get it.


5 thoughts on “The Break-Up

  1. yes perfect timing!
    I believe you have read my heart today !
    this was right on the spot for me…
    now…to eventually get it…!

    Very good VenusVee!
    I will enjoy following your blog!
    Thank you for sharing!

    Take Care….
    You Matter….

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