Photograph of Many Faces

(Photograph by Billy Silva-For more photo manipulations visit: http://www.disilvasproject.com/ )

What does your facial expression tell me today?

Today he is in a dark mood. Tomorrow in a funny mood. The next day in a goofy one. And sometimes in a lonely one.

Every morning and night  I wake up, stare and wonder.

How are you feeling dark knight? What does your facial expression tell me today.

Funny  his stare at light, creepy  his stare at night. And when dawn comes around, I sometimes take a glance, My strange knight manages to look

 sad almost like disguising his loneliness like he disguises his face. Huge silly grin. So I smile, mimicking his style.

 I go to sleep and shut the lights, the picture stares right through the dark. I always wonder how he’s feeling, because his feelings are my own…….

So when I wake up with a feeling, I tell him to cheer up and mimic all the grinning, he listens with pure attention never changing his intentions

 always giving me a full collection of all his different life expressions.


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