love / Poetry

A Letter to Mr. Valentine’s Day.

Dear Mr. Valentine’s Day,


Hearts and chocolates, flowers and presents, Big red, pink and white heart balloons. Fine , fine, they are all pretty.
But,What about true love? what about closeness, what about friendship, honesty, understanding, Kindness! What about these things……Every other day!
Valentine! Oh you funny Valentine. Are you really that selfish that you only want us, them, they, to share these emotions and acts of kindness and thought just on your day? Tsk, tsk, Dont be so naughty dear Valentine.
UGHH,It’s all your fault. That’s it! I’m putting my foot down,I say change your ways or have people treat your day like any other day.
Make us bring flowers and chocolates and balloons to our loved ones any random day, just because!! Make him tell me I love you because he means it, not because its YOUR DAY…Make us give that guy a smile because its nice. Make them help bake cupcakes with sprinkled hearts on February something else, for the fundraiser!
Better yet, yes I agree dear Valentine, THEY are all grown ups, THEY should know that everyday is LOVE and everyday is your DAY….
Sincerely Yours,
A Woman who loves yesterday,today, tomorrow, and so on and so on and so should you.

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