love / Poetry

Your World


Your mind-A never ending emporium of imagination.


 You draw me in.- Brain waves at its fullest power, one billion waltz of pure electrifying vision. 


 Full blast of energy- Designed by your deepest psychosis, each compartment an adventure, terror, artistic expression, loss, fear, joy. 


 Inception has occurred while u slept.-My outer body experience, straight into your mind, so beautiful, sad, crazy, surprising, uplifting, chaotic and peaceful all at once.


 Invasion of your world.-But do you remember you handed me your key? I unlocked the gate, a sign read “enter with caution” but I decided to run in.

Why?-I cannot fear my reflection in man form. Open mind with locked up closets, unlocking one by one, each a different memory .Opening scars letting them heal, starting anew.


 The time is here.-No time to waste. I only ask that you leave me with this key so I can enter your theme park of thoughts whenever required. Help you heal with anything difficult so that we may roam around your mind together always in understanding.


 No exclusions.-No motives but just because we can. Let this be easy and the rest will come naturally.




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