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My Rock is Weeping

(The Weeping Angel–image borrowed from google)
The man that took over my raising, the man who fed me, clothed me ,loved me and showed me the meaning of the word Father is weeping.
The woman that raised him,fed him, clothed him, loved him and showed him the meaning of the word Mother, has turned into a beautiful dove and flown away into the light.
His soul, fragile like her bones, his brow,wrinkled like her skin.
A void, empty like her vessel.
My heart hurting for his broken heart.
My rock is weeping, his grains of sand have gone leaving him weak.
His rock has passed, 98 years of beautiful long lived life.
His time has come to say goodbye, my rock keeps weeping, Goodbyes are hard.
But my rock knows that eventually and in time his turn will come and Eternal Hellos are even better.
(For my Rock–Stepfather/Father–In her honor Grandmother/Mother, Rest in peace 1913-2012)

2 thoughts on “My Rock is Weeping

  1. only you know what you felt writing this piece…..so much emotions in there…but you ended it well….
    blessings and love….

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