The Murder of Secrets

My Mind drifts off to thoughts of war, they’re getting harder to ignore. Ruined failures locked in my cell
;they  try to escape, but I create a magic force field.

You come along and break the spell, you take the key and set them free.

They swarm me, taunt me, laugh at my demise, I crumble to my knees accepting my defeat.

The secrets are so cruel, they whisper their intentions. I wont go out without a fight. My spirits bruised my heart is fractured, the omen holds the truth, karma reaches in and tries to pick my paths.

Its now my turn to fight the force, trinity sword in hand, I stab the white bull, pure beauty in disguise; for under its beauty lies its evil, 

Red hot liquid marks the spot, the secrets scream, their end has come, my fate is sealed and all revealed. 



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