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I Need a Spark

I need a Spark.
A sudden upheaval of my 5 Senses.I feel the burning desire for so much more.
Its somehow trapped between my insides and my skin.
Pores clogged by negativity that I let invade my inspiration cavity.
Slowly pulverizing my purest thoughts. Leaving me without believing.
I must create a fist. A pounding fist to shatter the blinded direction and open new visions to my inner creative rifts of beauty, join the beauty.
 Touch mother earth, consume her sweet nurturing energy and become one with with my Inner self.
Becoming your own muse is the greatest gift in the world, because no one can ever rip me apart from myself, only I have that power.

7 thoughts on “I Need a Spark

  1. Those last lines are really meaningful….rightly expressed….thanks for sharing such a lovely poem…..:)

    • Thanks so much. 🙂 I was feeling a certain way yesterday, but once I stepped out of my apartment this morning, out into the pretty cold,sunny baby blue clear skied day. felt another kind of way and just thought to myself.
      “Its so sad that I wasted my entire day yesterday,dwelling of something so insignificant, when theres all this beauty out here, right outside my door” its funny how your mood can change just by taking one minute to stop look around and appreciate.

      • I experienced that kind of moment before….and that was the reason I started my blog afterwards….because nature can teach you a lot things, it can move you with it’s silent beauty….and you are right, if we just take a minute to look around ourselves, we would easily attract positive vibes…..
        appreciating nature is a joyous thing to do….Hope we have lots of beautiful day ahead, with a clear sky….:)

  2. this was where i was yesterday…
    I decided enough went outside, gathered lichen, moss, twigs
    all with Gaia’s okay and worked on faerie habitats and gardens,
    I got lost in the magick of the Faerie realm so today, I did it again..

    Thank you once again for putting words to my mood
    yes, you are very gifted, I think an empath…

    Take Care….
    You Matter….

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