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“Lonely Itch Go Away”


I am fine the way I am. I must heal from the last hurt. Lonely Itch go away.
I need just me for now. Do not tempt me to go back to what was left behind.
It was left behind for a reason, so stop letting me forget.
Do not remind me of the good memories on this moment of solitude.
You make me weak.
Do remind me of my sadness even when I wasn’t alone.
Remind me of the pressures my heart endured.
Remind me of all the broken words.
Remind me of the games,indecisions,immaturities, insecurities,
selfishness,Me the perfect doormat and all of the things that brought me to this moment.
If you remind me of all of these things, I assure you that my itch will disappear. 
No better remedy to cure my “jumping out of my skin because Im so alone phase”
than knowing the real truths.
Loneliness please understand, I cannot let you fool my mind by fabricating or
making me relive tiny moments that can be surely be recreated with someone who truly deserves me.

4 thoughts on ““Lonely Itch Go Away”

  1. WOW …. I think that lady was right, u r an empath… you completely described what I’ve been feeling the last couple of days. I don’t know why but I keep thinking of the EX and all the good things, and then I remember all the messed up crap I had to deal with. Maybe I am just lonely, but this kind of lonliness is something I (WE) chose for ourselves. Sometimes, yes, we do get the “Lonliness Itch” but we can’t give into it. I have to keep telling myself that this is the best thing for me.

  2. I waited all evening to come here LOLs
    I knew you were going to write the words i whisper on the wind…

    so gifted VenusVee…so gifted you are…


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