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Dont always pretend to be Strong….

Your pride so strong,yet so destructive to your life.
How much pride does it take to not accept an I’m sorry.
How much does it take away to say that you are sorry.
Your pride goes beyond comprehension,it goes beyond right from wrong,
It stops you from giving and also receiving.
Not everything in life can be done alone.
Pride is not a luxury that your lonely soul can indulge in for too long. 
The moment will come when an extra heart will be needed,
will you ask it to continue beating in your presence or
will you dismiss it away as if a heart is not needed to continue on living.
We only have one life,
lets live it now, lets live it well, lets live it together.
Be proud of that..

5 thoughts on “Dont always pretend to be Strong….

  1. on same thoughts I was pondering over…..vicious vanity…..really a good one, and you ended with beautiful lines…:)

  2. we all live in a time when so many words are over used and abused…
    but no one seems to realize the power ” I’m sorry” carries within someone who they have hurt

    Very well articulated Venus…
    you are a very gifted empath..and writer/poet
    i enjoy coming here…

    Thank you fro sharing

    Take care….
    You Matter….


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