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Unique will be the man that captures my undivided attention within my cloud 9 daydreaming never ending thinking mind.

Unique he will be, The One, the chosen. He will listen, feel and see and always understand even when words are left in the air.

Unique once more he will be when he watches me crashing and decides to rescue me from the fall instead of watching me plummet to my end from a distance.

Unique and secure he will be, the man who will hold my soul as a willing hostage, I wont ever want to escape, he will never want to let go.

Unique he will be


3 thoughts on “Unique

  1. I really like this..
    for I think we all seek this Uniqueness in someone
    we all want to matter ….

    Thank you as always i enjjoy your thoughts you create such
    wonderful verse with

    Take Care….
    You Matter…..


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