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We as parents have to teach our kids to be tuff.


This seems to come up a lot these days in the media. Whenever I hear about these incidents, I find it difficult to react accordingly. I just can’t understand how such a common childhood trial is becoming a national headline.

Teen commits suicide over bullying.

Let’s be clear, I do empathize with the families that have lost loved ones and even with the kids themselves for feeling so tormented they felt that suicide was the only outlet. I really wish they were equipped with the same advice that my parents gave me as a kid growing up; fuck everyone. (I’m paraphrasing, of course.)

But think about it, weren’t you bullied at some point in time? If you answered no, you’re probably a lying asshole, but for the most of you that have, when you look back on it now, isn’t it incredulous that Bobby teased you for being too tall…

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