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~Place of Balance~

Beautiful mental plane of serenity reached by my meditating soul, I wish to free my mind within your purity. I yearn to close my eyes and travel deep inside your zone of positive energy . Stress invades with poisonous threads, but I visit you. My Utopia. You cleanse me, I am safe, safe within me, And when I exit I am balanced once again.

7 thoughts on “~Place of Balance~

  1. These beautiful words remind me of Rumi’s wisdom…..very nicely written and expressed….:)

  2. sometimes we write in rage…
    so many times being hurt, used, lied to…
    as we want all that energy finds it way to the
    and then we find a place of Balance…
    I say this because as i read your other piece
    i was writing one called…
    I wish I could Hate….
    I still may but it up…see, and then let it
    You are a very creative visual writer..
    an artist that paints passion with words..
    I do enjoy your art….
    as it reflects mine most days..

    This is a beautiful follow up…
    Take Care…
    You Matter

    • Lady Blue Rose: ” I wish I could hate”, yes you should definitely write it and share it. Casting our feelings out into the world to he heard is the best therapy to cleanse our soul from those little negative criters that eat away at our emotions. There is something about writing that makes us release frustrations and gives us a calming sense of maybe somehow being understood by others. Its a beautiful thing when others acknowledge our feelings as their own. It shows us that we are never alone.

      thanks so much for your comment. 🙂 And I hope to read that poem soon.

      • I probably will finish it…just need to cool down …
        Thanks I am glad you understand…
        Take Care….

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