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Denying New Love

Defensive mechanism cocooning yourself from any pain suffered in your past, enabling you to move on to your true and only flame.
Eyes wide shut, not accepting what is in front of you even when its your entrance to a different un-hurting love.
Nothing can make you see the love, only you can close that chapter and open another. Destiny ready to be written anew.
Inhalation of fallacies, strumming along ignoring the truths in order to survive the maddening reality.
Abandonment at heart,you treasure what belittles you, and throw away that -that would never cause you pain. Fear of losing everything is a powerful thing.
Loving lies, but never yourself.
Deny true  love, Deny yourself happiness.

2 thoughts on “Denying New Love

  1. So amazingly done….between the past and the present state of being… open arms for new love….nostalgic feeling I get from your words….and you reminded me of something from the past…..thank you…:)

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