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A little Story: His Soul She Saw

He does not raise his hand.
He sits and listens,
sits and responds in his head, his answers are never known
only the little man hears.
A stranger to reality, well-known inside his world.
He feels so different, the little man in his mind refuses visitors.
Him and his little man in their odd fantasy.
No one understands, because they hide.
They hide and view life through their looking-glass.
She came along.
She came along and sneakily jimmied his lock.
And then she entered.
She entered, but at first there was confusion, her eyes could not focus.
They couldn’t pin the little man down.
He bobbed and weaved not allowing her to touch his temple
to see his dreams.
But she pushed,
pushed herself in, pursued him through his labyrinth at full speed.
The little man fought,
Fought her magic fingertip.
She was persistent,
So persistent that the little man tired
He tired so much,
So much that he stopped,
stopped running and stood very still.
So fearful that his heart trembled.
But with fear in his heart he could no longer live so he stayed put.
She had now reached him.
Curiosity for the little man ever more powerful.
Euphoria weaved through her veins as she approached.
Magical fingertip extended, ready to view his secrets.
He opens his eyes,
He opens them as her magic is released from her finger bright as a bolt of
lightning.He feels the burst,
The burst of love encircling his soul and tickling his 
colors of past present and future.
She sees it all,
The good, the bad, the grief, the happiness.
She understands,
Understands his life, his soul, his heart.
He feels her love,
Her love, her light, her magic.
They join as one,
As One, as flames, as twins.
He is her soul she is his mate, and then at last, 
twin flames embrace.

15 thoughts on “A little Story: His Soul She Saw

  1. this was like watching my encounter…
    Thank you, you express the TwinFlame Energy
    with such care..
    a beautiful window to look thought again…and remember…
    Take care…I had to reblog….


  2. I haven’t encountered your site, or poetry previously; followed a link here from Lady Blue Rose’s re-blog…. this one is enough for me; I’m following your blog now, and expect to see much more like this one… which is most excellent. Warm, real, and with great building intensity right up to the (always appropriate) happy end. Very powerful…. I’ll be back…. 🙂

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