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In A Circle With You

Which direction does she take when
she doesn’t know where to start.
Tired of being in the dark.
Deep hole that cannot seem to fill.

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless mind.
Wish it were that easy, one night and
that sad world would be erased forever.
Tomorrow would arise and the Sunshine
would blind her eyes.

Then again, the past makes her who she is.
She is happy, she is grateful, she is loving,
She is forgiving, she is generous.
But she is sad, she is lonely, she is afraid,
and she is uncertain.

Following a leader who does not know which direction to take.
So he goes in circles.
He loves her he loves her not.
But she follows,
she follows and waits to see if he steps out of that circle
and eventually starts walking a straight line,
with her by his side to an unknown life,
where they’ll both just lie in eternal light.


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