life / loss / love / Poetry

)Souls That Must Part(

We are born into this world,
lucky when many years are lived.

But eventually we must part.
There comes a day when the voice calls upon our
borrowed souls.

Some hear the calling even before beginning to truly
live. When it happens the soul responds without hesitation.
No matter what people the soul loves or how much it wants to stay,
when the sacred pull calls upon it, the soul must part.

The souls left behind hurt/ mourn with such intensity
that sometimes they cant comprehend why their other soul has parted.
It is difficult, it destroys little souls that are still alive and earth bound.

But something happens,a small and tiny gift is given to the living souls.

The gift is acceptance.

It is given to each and every soul once it is ready.
Then eventually we accept. We accept that a soul is gone, but not very far.
We accept that our souls will meet again,
we too will hear the calling, we too will not resist the pull.

Souls that must part but then reunite.


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