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“Her Leaves Fall Out of Love” (A little story)


Each branch filled with veins, pulsing memories.

The roots stab the earths soil, like a knife into an enemy.

Your bark too thick, I cant cut through it.

Your leaves color of gold fall to the ground to represent your old soul.

Your branches reach above beyond the sky, touching the moons dark side.

I stumble upon your roots, watch the ground being ripped into.

My heart beats faster


and closer I get to you

You being wrapped with vines, like you were frozen in time.

I watch you sleep from a deep-

Reaching out to your heart beat

I walk slowly.


and closer

Faster and faster my heart beats,

my thoughts so incomplete

Like a old clocks tick tock I see me going weak

My body feeling as if Im about to face defeat.

Yet closer and closer I get, Just to wake you from an eternal sleep.

The air you give surrounds us, running through our lungs.

I reach one last time….

Her eyes open, red, with tears of blood!

She then screams!!!

So I grab my sword and swing..

To be continued………….


By: Anonymous




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