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The Battle   You are a battle. A fight with not end. A quarrel of massive proportions with life. You battle your struggles. The fight tires you, makes you vulnerable. The enemy strikes you with her hard cold speech. Words turned into weapons. You take them in, they start cracking your shield from within. There … Continue reading

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The Flash

I envy its fury. Lighting,then Boom. Explosive sound. I close my eyes. Thundercloud looming over my space. I stand in the darkness of the day, wet wind hitting my face,I wait, wait for the light. Earths Camera flash,then BOOM. It gets closer. Eerily creeping up. Unpredictable Flash Will it strike… Just like my Anger. I … Continue reading

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My fallen Angel, Transfixed within your intense stare, you look me deep inside, even when I close my eyes, your essence remains in my darkest visions. You have implanted an obsession within my very center And every time I try to run from Sin, My fascination with you wins and I am rendered weak. You … Continue reading

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To Want

Fire red passion burning our blood hot. Temptation mocking our yearning need. Every touch a stinging heat. Delicious pheromones entangling, wrapping around, giving away a salty-sweet taste that encircles our tongues and leaves us with intense want.  Sensuality at its peak threatening to take us over the edge onto intense pleasure and heat. Blazing Red Love,scorching asphyxiating lust … Continue reading

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My Four Seasons

    You are my Summer, Hot, steamy,sweaty,shimmery,sensual, sexual, silent deadly heat. Dangerous.   You are my Fall. Fantastic, windy, frisky, freely brisk airy,freshly sent phantom of early cold.   You are my Winter. Windy, wispy,frozen cold and weary, much waiting for the warming weather.   You are my spring. Surprising,succulent sweet magical stew of … Continue reading

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I Will It

  I will it and it shall happen. I am not a magical being, but my thoughts are powerful. I can send 10 thousand volts of emotions your way and you will feel it, even far far away. Because I will it.   I will it and it shall happen. Each emotion put out on this earth … Continue reading