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I Will It


I will it and it shall happen.
I am not a magical being,
but my thoughts are powerful.
I can send 10 thousand volts of emotions
your way and you will feel it, even far far away.
Because I will it.
I will it and it shall happen.
Each emotion put out on this earth comes
back with full impact, so If I send you my
undying love through my Reiki Prayer,
undying love I shall receive
Because I will it.
My energy wills it, my very center,my supernatural
elemental, Earth absorbing empathetic soul wills
it to the 100th power.
And so it shall be.

8 thoughts on “I Will It

  1. All things are possible if we only believe…and your words only enhance the message you so lovingly delivered and will no doubt deliver new life into many spirits and hearts! Thanks for your tender sincere blessing! Much love to you always my sister! An Awesome poem Venus!

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