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Beneath The Quicksand

As I sink deeper and deeper,
A thought consumes my mind.
Shall I fight or give up.
Is my life worth the struggle.
With my survival, with me holding on,
will it guarantee change?
Or will everything stay the same.
Will I be missed if I am gone?
Will he mourn my loss?
or will he watch me dissapear and in his mind will my face clear.
Should I keep my arm extended, just fingertips away from his touch?
Or should I sink it deeper in the mud, away from his promised safety
Deeper and deeper I sink, but once encased in my eternal tomb,
Will he truly dissapear?
Or will his memory linger in what once I had so near,
but my fear let dissapear.

5 thoughts on “Beneath The Quicksand

  1. Melancholic feelings, but I love it. The doubts pertain only when insecurity finds the door, when love blinds the way of happiness, and then we drown in the state of unrequited love.

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