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My fallen Angel,
Transfixed within your intense stare,
you look me deep inside, even when I
close my eyes, your essence remains in
my darkest visions.
You have implanted an obsession within
my very center
And every time I try to run from Sin,
My fascination with you wins and I am rendered
You crashed from Sin, and from
sin you give birth to an obsessive love,
Obsessive love of great power,
For an obsessive love can drag you beyond the earth,
it can drag you all the way into the pits of fire.
Fire that you understand because you are Fallen,
but fallen with you is where I want to be,
so if through fire we must walk to be together,
then together we will burn.


9 thoughts on “FALLEN

    • Thank you David. I have been blocked for a couple of days and I heard this song that I love but it had not poped out in my ipod for a very long time and today it did it just inspired me. I love music.dont you??

      • Yeah…Very much..In fact thers several poems that I’ve written that had a certain song’s rhythm in my to me it read a certain way..god knows how others read it though….Uninvited was a good choice for something of brooding quality

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