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The Flash

I envy its fury.
Lighting,then Boom.
Explosive sound.
I close my eyes.
Thundercloud looming over my space.
I stand in the darkness of the day,
wet wind hitting my face,I wait,
wait for the light.

Earths Camera flash,then
BOOM. It gets closer.
Eerily creeping up.
Unpredictable Flash

Will it strike…

Just like my Anger.
I envy its fury.
Lightning does not ask when to strike.
Thunder does not ask when to burst.
They just do.

Just like Anger, Just Like me.
Frozen raindrops colliding,
electrical charges,
building to extremes.
I’m standing below,light connects,fire within

Explode into pieces,pieces of anger, pieces of
fury. Killer light, like fairy dust evaporating
into the storm,becoming dormant,
hidden until eventually reappearing and flashing again
but not today,
not today.


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