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Saving Me With a Cuddle….


Just one move — opening
your arms in a crescent moon shape,
grabbing the one person that needs it the
most and embracing them in the strongest hold possible,
that can lighten a load.
Yes a tiny act like this one can change a mood .
Not only are you touching them but you are also radiating
loving energy into them.
 Not only are you hugging them, but your energy is also
hugging and touching their heart and soul.
Anything that touches those two things can cause a great deal of emotional effect.
See– our hearts and souls are very vulnerable, like delicate flowers
 they can wither with any hard impact.
But unlike flowers who if hurt whither and die, The soul and heart Can heal,
But only with things called, love, patience, understanding, lots of positivity
,faith, hope, and the knowledge that nothing can ever break your spirit, only if you allow it.
But it is always beautiful, when someone else can help you balance that that is falling .
So with this all said, Cuddle UP someone you love or know that needs it,
Because guess what, that can probably be their first step into healing that something
that might be broken deep inside.

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