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Infinate Grace Of Two


Twirls of flare and fabric soft. Wind catches your turns creating a vortex of classical sounds. Your every step a graceful touch.

Beautiful sight that should never be missed, my eyes fixate on your bewitching perfection. Your magical glow should make this easy. Fragile angelic being do not break the dance. Trip the light fantastic sway, whirl and prance.

Keep me captivated. Engrossed in passionate agony, reaching for your sublime impeccable ora. I am inside you, I live through your every movement, I feel the dizzying progressions and when I inhale I take your scent within.

Cascading from the walls are infinite sparks of love, you graze them with your splendor and they attach to your reflection. Reflection that disconnects from your body and travels to my side, to connect with me while I watch your vessel demonstrating what a true dance of love can create within the soul of the one who is viewing the wondrous miracle.

So we soar, Soar up and up till the skies open up, till the suns rays shine upon our smiles till the colors become yellows and velvets, till they progress into blues and soft grays, till they turn black with splashes of twinkling circular flames, till the moon invites us to gravitate around her immense beauty, till we tire and embrace and become one and rest.

Yes we will sleep, sleep for all eternity in the grace of the glorious skies in sweet tantalizing paradise.

Hand in hand we will view below, hand in hand to protect our own, but always hand in hand. Ions will pass and we shall eventually evolutionize into one being. Two will no longer be needed, two will no longer be seen, one shall arise from the clouds one but with both souls entwined.

Forever in the splendor forever in our gaze forever in our hearts forever just the same.





5 thoughts on “Infinate Grace Of Two

  1. It is like a spiritual orgasm of love. Beautifully penned, embracing the light of two souls. You have added the nature to speak through, riveting a connection of oneness.

  2. Magnificent write…my expressions would never do it justice…for your heart and spirit have taken the step toward their perfection…thier wholesomeness and have triggered the embers within causing them to blossom together perfectly as one. Venus, this is a treasured gem…thanks for sharing my sister! Thanks for making us smile with your gift of love!

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