life / love / Poetry

Writing Life


Rough draft of a man. Looking for a rewritten version of life, everything new. New job, new art, new love.
But the rough draft is still being corrected. So many ideas of how to make it sound better so many visions on how to make it work , but how to make them reality, how to make them manifest in order to rewrite them into a biography. The final piece of present and future.

Rough draft of a man, I’m living in your revisions, you’ve tried to erase me from some chapters but have always brought back my character. I’ve been gone from a couple of paragraphs but eventually my name would make his way back in your words in your mind in your heart. A name that cannot seem to stay away, so why delete it?

Leave it in your rough draft, leave it because maybe just maybe that character might make the final cut when the piece is completed and ready to be read. Because remember when one book finishes another shall always follow.


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