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Under The Weeping Willow My Spirit Awaits

I had a dream, I was under a willow tree and I was transparent, I was a spirit. I cried and cried, but everytime the willow trees leaves grazed my skin it would zap me with warth and eventually I felt safe, and did not feel alone anymore. This dream inspired me to write this  poem. =)


Watching her tears flying around in the windy afternoon.

Her sorrow sways back and forth, lonely sadness.

Only the air whispers sweet nothings.

Sacred tenacy to Life, strong and compassionate, I sit and wait  under her shelter .

Wait for  her  magic to guide me to summerland, land of the after.

I long for the peace, that is why I sit and weep along with  her .

But you cradle my spirit with your branches of protection.

Open my eyes and show me the path to forever.

Weeping Willow, you weep for the spirits, you are the gate.

You are the ticket to the after beauty, you are the ride to paradise.

Yes your appearance of sorrow is mistaken, for you are not sad,

you are weeping but only from happiness,

you are light,

you are an angel,

You guide me out of  Limbo, 

and deliver me home.


4 thoughts on “Under The Weeping Willow My Spirit Awaits

  1. The perfection that i always saw now begins to leave one breathless, wondering where has this been, but it was always there being lovingly cared for, and nestled in deep places within a sprit who thought when will be my time, when will my heart sing pefect harmonious songs that will always leave a lasting impression…you are right in believing that the weepin willow trees weeps tears of joy because the one she knows no longer has to be sad, for she knows she is love and now knows that when shared purely from her heart the seeds from within that she shares will last forever in the hearts of many! I would shout for joy, but the joy is yours, i would dance with delight, but that is your moment…i will silently send hugs and kisses on paper lifting your heart continually for you are a heavenly gift…a special gift, an exquisite gift whose hands will send beautiful crescendos to make the world a delight to all who believe that change can always happen for the better if one believes. Another gem of great worth Venus! Keep it coming! Have a very blessed day!

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