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“The Sword that could not Kill Love”

As I watch from afar I scream towards him, but it’s too late the enemy stabs him from behind and out from his stomach appears the shiny pointy blade. I watch in horror as my king falls to the floor, sword still in place as the enemy runs away like a coward .The battle was almost won and then this…

I’m afraid to approach my dying love. I can’t imagine me without him, if he leaves this world my spirit will follow his.This I know to be true, the path towards him seems like an eternity, the battle is happening in slow motion I see no body parts I see no weapons I see no blood, I am zoned onto that dreadful spot where he lies.

The time comes for me to face him, 
This cannot be, this cannot be happening, I will not believe it, it is a dream , but it is not a dream this is now our reality, one of us must part.
This is unacceptable and unfathomable in my mind and inside my broken heart I cannot and will not accept this.
He sees me, our eyes meet, he gives me a weak smile and whispers to me gently “my love”my knees go weak I fall to the ground millions and billions of tears trickle down my cheeks, he tells me not to cry, that he is not hurting and I answer  ” but I am ” .
He then whispers those murdering words ” goodbye my love”
But I get on top of him my stomach now inches away from the blade protruding from him, he looks at me sweetly I caress his beautiful face and say: “no not goodbye my one my only, it is hello that you must say” confusion and then realization hits his face and before he can even think twice I collapse on top of him,the sharpness slices right through me, We now like face to face, both now connected through love,blood and pain, we stare at each other until our  last breaths I die smiling bc now we are truly joined in body –heart and soul.



3 thoughts on ““The Sword that could not Kill Love”

  1. Your words shared a certain elegance through every line! My mind hungered for the next word, and the next line. You wonderfully developed the life of the poem and gave it pristine character in the end. And love so continues, quite like Romeo and Juliet! This poem is a jewel! Thanks for sharing Venus and so sorry that i had not been receiving many of the posts you share. As i am seeing what i have missed and loving it all. Blessings to you dear sister…your talent is so alive and glowing radiantly!

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