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We Love..

Familiarity takes over, contempt are our hearts now that we are free to hold hands,
but we still love.
The easiness of our relationship makes us lazy,
but we see it and we still love.
My struggles become your struggles and you get uneasy at times,
but u still love me.
Your struggles become mine and I worry, worry sick,
but I still love you.
As our lives blend together and routine Becomes part of us we realize how much we really do love.
Our faults are revealed our weaknesses shown but at the end of the day we lie in bed,
snuggle up,
stare into each others eyes
and know that we are our perfectly imperfect halves  .
We are part of the same cloth,we were made from the same soul,
prepared from the same brew of life’s elixir ,
we were just separated into two cups,
drank by our mothers and birthed back into life just to find each other again.
So, familiarity takes over, we get lazy, and everything won’t always be easy,
but at the end of the night we snuggle, look into each others eyes and ………..We Love.

One thought on “We Love..

  1. “We love”, those two words speak volumes as your poem takes our hearts on a wonderful ride along with yours and we are touched and made to feel blessed by the joy that enlivens us as we read. Beautiful my dear sister, and so very precious!

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