life / Poetry

It Will Change


Pressure grinding at my temples
A solution has to come
Strong desire to start running
Flight just comes in full effect
Work is pounding at my head
Kids are screaming for attention
Bills keep piling at the doorstep
Despair bullies at no end
It’s so easy to retreat
Wrap myself into a bubble
Tape my eyelids closed and tight
Fill my hearing with huge cotton
Block the world and fall asleep
But when I wake
the dark tendrils will still linger
So I stay awake and move
Endure what work may bring
Give my time to who I love
Sweep my doorstep one envelope at a time
Kill the bully with pure kindness
Thank my god for what I have
Live and love like no tomorrow ….

This will keep me sane,
this will keep me healthy
This will bring in light
This will help me through

Freedom will eventually be mine…


2 thoughts on “It Will Change

  1. My heart was touched and moved deeply by your words. Live each day to its fullest and when its time to reflect and pray at the end of the day, ask for the grace to open you eyes to the new day and pray for his wonderful blessings…you will survive and it will get better! Believe me it will! Much love to you and your family always Venus my dear sister!

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