life / love / Poetry

The Little Trophy


Oh what a shiny little trophy

Standing there looking strong, straight

And glorious with her golden color shine

Everyone sees her and they smile,

“Oh such shine “ they say.

He smiles and says “thank you”.

He carries her around when he is vulnerable.

Carries her when he feels inferior.

She stands glorious, they smile because of her

Brilliance, Oh her aura! She glows!

He feels important.

But then there are times he does not need her

He leaves her in his room, in her corner, inside her box

He ventures the world and leaves her behind.

He will not mention her.

If they ask, he answers:

“Oh she is at home”.

But, eventually the fake world smacks him down

He feels vulnerable, feels inferior.

So he scurries on home, takes her out of her box,

Whispers sweet nothings, goes out into town and as always

She Shines.

Shines for him.

So So bright everyone notices,

they notice her, and most importantly, they notice him.

And  he feels important once again.

She then goes back into his room, in her assigned corner

Inside her box, waiting, always waiting for him to take her out again

Show her to the world and never put her back inside the box.

The Little Trophy Girl…………….


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